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Postponed - GRI 302

Date: October 8 - 9, 2020
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

302- Land, Environment and Private Property Rights…3 Hours


• Predict land use demand and the highest-best use of land;
• Relate federal laws regarding land use and the environment to the practice of real estate;
• Relate state laws regarding land use and the environment (including the “Growth Management Act”) to the practice of real estate;
• Disclose known adverse conditions to consumers;
• Evaluate urban land locations for potential use and growth patterns;
• Relate Florida’s property rights legislation to specific customer scenarios.

302-International Real Estate…4 Hours


• Calculate the effect currency fluctuation has on a real estate transaction;
• Illustrate the essential elements of international transactions;
• Relate the expectations of international clients, including the importance of cultural sensitivity;
• Employ skills necessary to enhance effectiveness in building cross cultural relationships;
• Apply the regulations and taxes that must be adhered to by foreign parties participating in a real estate transaction.
302-An Introduction to Single Family Residential Construction…4 Hours


• Apply knowledge of building codes and the processes prior to construction when assisting customers in transactions;
• Apply knowledge of the supporting documentation surrounding the construction process (including codes, maps, liens, plans, and licenses);
• Demonstrate an ability to identify and discuss the basic structural components of a house;
• Advise customers regarding property conditions in terms of home inspections and warranties;
• Apply knowledge of “Green” concepts, issues, and practices when advising customers.
302-Brokerage Management…4 Hours


• Evaluate, plan, and prepare in order to open a brokerage;
• Operate a brokerage in compliance with legal requirement;
• Apply basic managerial and leadership skills to brokerage operations and personnel;
• Develop brokerage policies, procedures, and budgets.
Note: Real Estate Specialties 302 is a 15-hour course with a 1.5-hour exam approved for 8 hours of CE Specialty Credit OR 15 hours of Broker Post-Licensing Credit per module.

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