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FAQ / How-Tos

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I accidentally expired my listing or allowed it to expire, what can I do?

If the listing has been expired for less than 30 days, your Broker can place it back as Active.

If the listing has been expired for more than 30 days, it must be put back in as a new listing, but you can use the “Copy” function under Menu > Add/Change to save yourself time.

I am a member of CPAR, how can I login to other MLSs?

Login to FlexMLS, make sure you are on the CPAR/BCAR Dashboard. Look under the "MLS Links" section, and just below the Staff emails there are instructions for each of the MLSs there. Please note that if you are logging into the ECAR MLS, you will need to use a different browser than you normally use.

I changed brokerages and I want to transfer my listings to my new office, how can I do that?

Because all listings belong to the broker, we must have broker permission to transfer any listings. Have your former broker email with permission to move the listings, and we will handle it for you. Unless they want to pick and choose certain listings, a simple "___________ is permitted to take their Active listings to their new brokerage" will suffice.

How can I change a picture in my listing?

  1. In Flex, go to Menu > Change Listing (under Add/Change). Enter the MLS#.
  2. On the right side, click on “Photos.” To Add Photos, click the “Add Photos” button in the top right.
  3. To replace photos, click the up arrow next to the picture.
  4. To make a photo the primary photo, click the flag at the top.
  5. Also can change photo name, rotate, or delete with appropriate icons.


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