Due to the impact of Hurricane Michael, listing data may be incorrect or out of date. Please bear with us as our area recovers. #CPARStrong #850Strong
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MLS Data

As we recover from Hurricane Michael, I wanted to communicate the importance of having your data up to date in Flex. Accurate data is tremendously important to everyone as businesses, homeowners and renters are trying to relocate. Everyone is relying on our data to move forward.

  • If you come across a listing that is incorrect, please utilize the "Report Violation" button in the top right, so Richard and Josh can reach out to the listing member to see if they need help with updating the listing.
  • Two new fields have been added in FlexMLS to help gather data on Hurricane Damage and the amount of time it will take to return listings to a livable status.

    One field is called "Hurricane Damage" and it has options of Red, Yellow, or Green.

    The definition of the classifications are:

    • Red – Severely Damaged, not habitable, possibly lost from inventory
    • Yellow – Minor damage, possibly habitable after X days of mitigation work
    • Green – Currently habitable even though minor work may be necessary, i.e. re-roofing, or other damage, trees and debris that are safe and not impeding access

    The other field is called "Mitigation Time (Estimated)" and has choices of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 180+ days.

    These are PRIVATE fields, and WILL NOT display anywhere outside of the MLS.

    It is imperative that we utilize these fields as much as possible. Not only is this useful information for other members, but data that is collected for these fields will be used to generate reports for officials at the local and state government and also for officials for Tyndall AFB to help determine the viability of housing in our area. Please make sure you are updating the fields and asking all of your fellow REALTORs to update their's as well.

NAR Disaster Relief

NAR has provided us a form for disaster relief assistance. Please click the button below for a copy of the form and email directly to RRFclaims@floridarealtors.org. Click here for an article with more information about this relief program.

Click Here to Apply For Financial Assistance From NAR

Renewing FR and NAR Dues will be waived in 2019!

If you were a primary member when Hurricane Michael hit on October 10th, your FR and NAR dues and fees will be waived for 2019! This is a 45% reduction in your annual dues! More information available at www.cpar.us/dues 

Your billing has been updated and payments are once again available on the member portal. Remember that 4th Quarter MLS dues were due on October 15th, so please make sure to pay those ASAP. 

MLS and Supra Support IS available!

Call (850) 630-9054 for Josh, or (850) 902-2954 for Richard. You can also call the main line at 850-763-8078.

You can also email us at mlsdirector@cpaor.org or mlssupport@cpaor.org 

Our office is also open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Information

For financial assistance, please complete one or both of these forms, and email to the address at the bottom of the form: drfclaims@floridarealtors.org and also CC membership@cpaor.org. These forms are also available in Form Simplicity! Florida Realtors has given all members free access to eSign for this purpose!

READ ALL OF THESE IMPORTANT TIPS to make sure your claim goes through as quickly as possible!

  1. Be as descriptive as possible - Simply putting "roof, tree, garage" is NOT enough information. Please describe your damages in detail. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON THAT CLAIMS ARE BEING DENIED OR DELAYED.
  2. Please include your name in the subject line of the email - This makes it easier for FR to sort the applications and keep track of who still needs to be processed.
  3. You do NOT have to attach insurance claim forms - At minimum, photos and a DETAILED description of the damage are required.
  4. The requirement for the AE to sign the form has been waived. -  Send the form directly to drfclaims@floridarealtors.org and CC membership@cpaor.org 
  5. Please note: These forms are meant to provide relief to those with damage to their home or office. One application per household.
  6. If you use CPAR as the place to mail your check, we will call you as soon as we receive them. If you have not received a call, then we do not have your check yet.

Click Here to Apply for Financial Assistance

Click Here to Apply for Financial Assistance for an Office

Other important links for official information

BEST Source for ALL of the information regarding recovery: https://www.floridadisaster.org/info