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Benevolence Committee

 The Benvolence Committee arranges fundraising to supply our benevolence fund for the benefit of local REALTORS and any other associations in need. This fund and committee was created in response to funds received due to Hurricane Michael in order to allow CPAR to pay it forward for future disasters.

2019 Committee Chairperson: Michelle Ginn

2019 Committee Vice-Chair: Jennifer Bowman

Staff Liaison: Josh Mata


Commercial Investment and Marketing Committee

The Commercial Investment and Marketing Committee meet to discuss the commercial real estate industry. They provide education to REALTOR® members about commercial real estate and offer assistance with commercial real estate transactions. This committee is open to All REALTORS® and Affiliate members. Meets monthly. Open to REALTOR® members and Power Partners.

2019 Committee Chairperson: Brian Hinton

Staff Liaison: Richard Gibbens


Communications and Public Relations Advocacy Committee

The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for organizing and participating in community events and programs that enhance relations with REALTORS® and the community, striving to maintain an positive and professional public image of the Association. They host our REALTOR® Round-Ups, a monthly networking event, as well as host many charity fundraisers throughout the year. Meets monthly. Open to REALTOR® members and Power Partners.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Susan West

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Melissia Pennington

Staff Liaison: Tesa Burch


Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee is responsible for reviewing all complaints from members and the public concerning alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and/or requests for arbitration. This committee in conjunction with Professional Standards Committee provides Ombudsman, Mediation, Arbitration, and Code of Ethics violation services. Meets monthly. REALTORs® only.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Ada Rodriguez-Jiminez

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Mike Alvis

Staff Liaison: Kaydee Albritton


Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a year-long program that focuses on building REALTORS® leadership skills, through team-building and professional development, the purpose of which is to select, train, and develop candidates that will assume leadership roles within the Association. Open to REALTOR® members and Power Partners.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Lisa Dallas

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Catherine Lancaster

Staff Liaison: Kaydee Albritton


Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Committee

The MLS Committee is responsible for monitoring the Association's MLS policies and publications. They oversee all MLS-related services, including Supra lockboxes and Internet Data Exchange (IDX). Meets monthly. REALTORS® only.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Jessica Albritton

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Tyler Everett

Staff Liaison: Richard Gibbens


Professional Development and Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for providing educational opportunities to our REALTORS®, including New Member Orientation, Continuing Education courses, and more. Meets monthly. Open to REALTOR® members and Power Partners.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Robbie Hughes

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Lisa Dallas

Staff Liaison: Kim Franklin


Professional Standards Committee

 The Professional Standards Committee members serve on panels that conduct hearings on ethics violations and arbitration disputes. Meets as needed. REALTORS® only.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Cindy Birge

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Michelle Ginn

Staff Liaison: Debbie Ashbrook


REALTOR® Political Advocacy Committee (RPAC)

 The RPAC Committee is responsible for raising voluntary funds from Association membership that are used solely as contributions to REALTOR® recommended issues and candidates at the federal, state, and local levels. Meets monthly. Open to REALTOR® members and Power Partners.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Cindy Birge

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Teresa Dyer

Staff Liaison: Kaydee Albritton


Young Professionals Network (YPN)

The Young Professionals Network Committee provides tools and encouragement to help new real estate professionals excel in their careers. The YPN encourages participation and provides insight into the REALTOR® Association, the real estate industry, and the community. Meets monthly. Open to REALTOR® members and Power Partners.


2019 Committee Chairperson: Natalie Ryan

2019 Committee Vice-Chairperson: Brittany McLaughlin

Staff Liaison: Tesa Burch



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