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Gulf Coast Commercial MLS

The Gulf Coast CMLS is a Commercial Multiple Listing Service (CMLS). A CMLS is similar to a traditional residential Multiple Listing Service, but it is built specifically for commercial real estate. It is an online database of all the information and tools a commercial real estate professional needs to be successful. A CMLS enables a local community of brokers, developers, appraisers and investors to share information and work together more efficiently. It removes barriers, allowing big and small companies alike to focus their time and money on serving their clients.

 The Story

In 2011, the Gulf Coast Commercial Multiple Listing Service was created to better serve agents practicing commercial real estate in the area. Over the past five years, it has developed into a well-known, quality system that serves the public and commercial real estate agents all along the Gulf Coast. There are now six participating Associations along the panhandle, over 1,000 users, over 300 companies and thousands of active listings. In participation with Catylist, members of the Gulf Coast CMLS staff offer leadership, direction and support to users to make each member’s experience with Gulf Coast CMLS seamless.


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Membership Benefits

GCCMLS Membership Benefits  GCCMLS Reasons to Join

Increased Efficiency

  • Save time and money with a single online source for all commercial real estate in the marketplace.
  • Connect directly with others via broadcast e-mail.
  • Stay on top of local news, events and educational opportunities.
  • Retain ownership of your data and control who has access.
  • Access listings through the mobile app

Advanced Marketing

  • Prepare comprehensive, consistent marketing materials for presentations and property tours
  • Market your expertise and experience with a professional profile
  • Analyze market conditions and opportunities with integrated demographics and local market stats
  • Export listing data into three common file formats for ultimate portability

Real Time Market Tracking

  • Identify and export qualified leads for follow-up
  • Generate client reports displaying online market activity
  • Receive automatic market updates on properties, news and events tailored to your preferences

Superior Searches & Data Integrity

  • Quickly locate properties and comps using the industry-leading scenario search with real-time filters
  • Easily navigate between searh results, map and property details view
  • Rely on data that is broker driven, timely and accurate 

Contact Information 

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GCCMLS Technical/Website Help

Catylist Support

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