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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for Free Classes:

CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® provides Continuing Education courses to all of it's members at no cost, with the exception of Designations and Certifications.


Registration is required for all classes to ensure attendance minimums. CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. 


All walk-ins will be charged $10.

Any registrant that fails to show will be charged a $10 no-show fee


To cancel your registration, email

**You must cancel 24 hours prior to the course or your account will be charged the no show fee stated above.**


If are a non-member, admin member, or affiliate and would like to attend, please email


In the case of severe weather, the decision to hold class or cancel will be made the day of class — do not call in advance. On the day of class, please call our main number (850) 763-8078. 


Transfers and Cancellations for Designation and Certification Courses:

  1. Fees and procedures for transfers and cancellations for registrations taken by CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are established by CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
  2. A student may transfer from the Institute module in which he or she is registered to another Institute module, if the other module has space available and the sponsor is willing to accept a transfer. The student will pay a fee for each transfer.
  3. Transfers are accepted only when received in writing by CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® prior to the close of registration for the module.
  4. A refund of paid tuition, minus a cancellation fee, will be made to a student whose notice of cancellation is received in writing by CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® prior to the close of registration for the module. No refund will be made for a cancellation received thereafter.
  5. In the event of extenuating circumstances concerning a transfer or a cancellation, a student may seek a waiver of fees or of tuition forfeiture by sending a written request and explanation to the Education Coordinator, who will forward to the Board of Directors. The letter must be received by CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® not more than 15 days after the date the module was scheduled to begin, must explain the circumstances leading to the request, must be signed by the student and should be accompanied by any relevant documentation the student wishes to submit. The Education Coordinator will consult with the Board of Directors and shall make a determination concerning the request. The student shall be notified in writing of the determination.
  6. If a scheduled Institute module is canceled, postponed or rescheduled by CENTRAL PANHANDLE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® or by Florida Realtors, each student registered for the module will have the options of transferring to the rescheduled module or transferring to another scheduled module and applying the paid tuition toward such other module without paying a transfer fee, or of receiving a full refund of paid tuition without paying a cancellation fee.


Please keep in mind...Reserving a seat for a class and then not attending prevents other students from participating. We strictly enforce our cancellation policy. No exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions about Course Cancellations? Please contact the education at

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